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Do I have to come back to remove my stitches?

Dr. Fanous uses "absorbable stitches" that will disintegrate by themselves.

What are the possible methods for the insertion of breast implants?

There are three main approaches to the breast augmentation: inframammary incision (under the breast), axillary incision (in the armpit) or periareolar incision (around the nipple).

Then, the implant is placed by the surgeon either directly under the gland, or under the pectoral muscle, or under multiple pectoral muscles.

It is important to note that Dr. Fanous always places the implant behind four muscles rather than behind a single muscle only.

What is the technique used for the surgery?

Dr. Fanous uses a technique that he published and taught in conferences, named "Mini-incision".
It consists of a short scar in the crease under the breast, measuring about 1.8 cm.
This mini-incision is mainly used in the case of breast augmentation with saline implants, and gives a tiny scar that is satisfactory in general.

Can Dr. Fanous hide the incision in the nipple?

The periareolar incision (around the nipple) is not the preferred incision of Dr. Fanous for a breast augmentation, as the surgeon must cut through the breast to insert the implant behind it.

However, occasionally, Dr. Fanous uses this incision, especially in the case of a breast augmentation with silicone implants in order to hide the scar.

Can Dr. Fanous hide the incision in my armpit?

This incision is far from the breast, which means that the surgeon must create a long corridor between the incision and the breast to place the implant. This type of incision may increase in theory, the risk that the implant ascends through the tunnel during the postoperative period.

Moreover, this incision is placed above the operated area (the breasts). So, the drains that are left through the incision (to help drain the blood) are not privileged because they work against the direction of gravity.

Do you place the implant "under the muscle"?

One of the breast augmentation techniques is to place the breast implants behind one pectoral muscle.
Dr. Fanous inserts the implant behind four pectoral muscles. These muscles completely separate the implant from the natural breast, like a "muscular wall".

The result is a breast that, theoretically, is less likely to sag with gravity over the years, as well as having softer feeling breasts after the augmentation because the implants are covered by the muscles.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery varies from one person to another, but you should be able to perform your daily activities a week after your surgery.

When can I go back to work?

Generally, you will be able to resume working one to two weeks after the breast augmentation.

Can I exercise after my breast augmentation?

You can restart muscular activities with your chest and arm muscles one month after your breast augmentation.

Are there possible complications associated with the breast augmentation surgery?

Soon after your breast implant surgery, your body will create a soft collagen capsule around each implant. This step is normal.

However, it is possible that this capsule might tighten around the implant making the breast hard and irregular in shape. This complication is called "capsular contracture".

Other complications associated with a breast augmentation are possible, but their percentage is low. They include deflation of the prosthesis, infection, bleeding, asymmetry of the breasts, loss of sensation, weakness of the muscles or nerves of the chest, necrosis of the skin, stretch marks, calcium deposits around the prosthesis, bruises, etc.

What is the lifespan of the implant?

The lifetime of an implant is probably around 10 years.

However, it is possible for a rupture to happen at any time, even during the first few months after the breast augmentation. On the other hand, it is also possible that the implant will remain intact for many years.

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  • I am very satisfied with my results and would look into doing more surgeries with him.

    Stéphanie, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Since my initial consultation, I have been treated with nothing other than utmost respect by the staff and Dr Fanous. I am extremely satisfied and never regretted my decision. Thank you!

    Isabel, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • I am extremely happy with the results of my breast augmentation. Dr Fanous and his entire staff made the experience very pleasant. Thank you!

    Maria, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Dr Fanous did such an amazing job! He is very skilled and gives great results.

    Shamini, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Dr Fanous has been my guardian angel through the many procedures I have under gone. His work ethics, his empathy, his extreme professionalism and more important his perfectionism…He is my doctor for life.

    Mary, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

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