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Subtle Appearance

Breast Augmentation

The "Musts" you should know…In a nutshell!

First things first… What is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery aimed primarily at increasing the volume of the breasts by using breast implants (prostheses).

The size, texture and shape of the breasts are very different from one woman to another; it depends on the quantity and quality of the breast's fat.

Other factors that influence the size and shape of the breast are age, overweight, skin elasticity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and genetic predisposition.

The breast contains fat, mammary glands and fibrous connective tissue. In addition, nerves, blood vessels and ducts crisscross the breast.

The breast pocket is made of fat which gives it its shape and texture.

The chest muscles that contribute to the movement of the arms are situated behind the breasts.

What are the criteria for a successful breast augmentation surgery?

The top priority of Dr. Nabil Fanous is a subtle and non-operated look of the breasts after the surgery.
Other important factors are the final volume of the breasts, as well as the symmetry of the breasts and nipples.

What will be the size of my implants?

In general, a cup "C" size (ranging from small C, medium C or large C) is the ideal volume for the majority of breasts.

Dr. Fanous listens to your desires, and he will take them into consideration during the procedure.

The goal of Dr. Fanous is to use an implant that is ideal for your body (usually between 300 and 400 cc), while maintaining natural-looking and symmetrical breasts after your breast augmentation.

What are the differences between implants filled with saline water and those made of cohesive silicone gel?

There are two types of breast implants: saline implants and silicone implants.

  • The saline implants are made of a flexible pouch filled with saltwater.

At the beginning of surgery, the implants are shaped like empty bags.
To begin with, they are rolled like a cigarette, and then they are inserted behind your chest muscles by Dr. Fanous via a tiny incision of about 1.8 cm.
Once the implants are in place, the doctor fills them with saline water.
This type of implant is preferred by Dr. Fanous in most cases.

  • The silicone implants are made of a cohesive gel.

They are softer and suppler to the touch. However, these implants require a larger incision (4-5 cm) because they are inserted whole.
They are also more expensive.

What is the duration of the breast augmentation?

The duration of a breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Fanous is generally an hour and a half.
This breast surgery takes place in our modern certified surgical center in Montreal.

Is it painful?

Dr. Fanous ensures that the breast augmentation takes place without any pain.
In general, you will have very little pain and discomfort during the postoperative period.

Will I have to be put to sleep under general anesthesia?

Dr. Fanous uses local anesthesia with sedation.

This type of anesthesia is very appreciated by the vast majority of our patients who undergo a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Fanous at our surgery clinic in Montreal.

The cost of the breast lift surgery: how much does a mastopexy cost?

It is simple: call now at 514-935-9513 to get an immediate estimate of the cost of a mastopexy.
Depending on the esthetic problem and the reputation of the surgeon, the cost of a breast lift can vary greatly.


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  • I am very satisfied with my results and would look into doing more surgeries with him.

    Stéphanie, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Since my initial consultation, I have been treated with nothing other than utmost respect by the staff and Dr Fanous. I am extremely satisfied and never regretted my decision. Thank you!

    Isabel, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • I am extremely happy with the results of my breast augmentation. Dr Fanous and his entire staff made the experience very pleasant. Thank you!

    Maria, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Dr Fanous did such an amazing job! He is very skilled and gives great results.

    Shamini, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

  • Dr Fanous has been my guardian angel through the many procedures I have under gone. His work ethics, his empathy, his extreme professionalism and more important his perfectionism…He is my doctor for life.

    Mary, patient of Dr Fanous (Breast augmentation)

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